Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 1, Coron (Inland town tour)

After having lunch at Dive Link Resort, we went back to the port to start our tour of the town. Coron's main town was not as large as I thought. It seemed that, from the pictures from the other blogs that I have read, that Coron is a big town.

Coron is a place where you can never get lost even if you do not have a map. It's small streets are busy though with the people of Coron and tourists that come and go. You can add to that the tricycles that go around as it's main public transport to go around town.

As agreed, we met with two tricycle operators that Ate Cherry contracted for our group of seven. One tricycle fits three to four persons. It costs P300 for one tricycle for the whole trip.

Photo by Tina Calanog
Our first stop was the Municipal Town Hall of Coron. It was a small building with a small garden. We just took pictures with the CORON sign in front of it.

Photo by Tina Calanog
We next dropped by the souvenir shops to buy pasalubong. The souvenirs they sell are just the usual things that are also being sold in other tourist spots. There were assorted ref magnets, colorful keychains, wood carvings, pencil holders, paper weights, t-shirts, etc. As compared to souvenirs being sold in other places, though they were just ordinary, their price in Coron were a bit expensive. Keychains were sold at P20 each where you can buy them for only P15 in other places. T-shirts cost P230 where in other tourist spots they were being sold for only P120. I got to buy a t-shirt though for P100 for my younger sister in another shop. You just need to ask the tricycle drivers to take you to other stores.

Then we went to the most challenging part of the tour: Mt. Tapyas. You need to climb up more than 700 steps to reach the top. You can see old people also climbing the mountain. I could not imagine how can they climb that height at their age! I almost wanted to give up when I was just half-way. We climbed up Mt. Tapyas despite of the heat. You really need to have a bottle of water when you hike up.

Even just on the 400th step, you can see the beautiful islands of Coron. I was able to take the view from this point only since when I was able to reach the top, I did not have the energy to stand up and take pictures. My friends though were able to take some pictures of themselves with the Mt. Tapyas' famous iron cross.

Photo by Tina Calanog
Going down Mt. Tapyas was a lot easier. We were so tired when we were able to get back at the foot of the mountain.

We next went to Coron Harvest, a store for different types of cashew nuts. I bought roasted cashew nuts and cashew nut brittle. They were a bit expensive which was a disappointment. I thought that since Coron boasts of its cashew farms that they would be selling it a a cheaper price, but they were selling it as if you were in Manila.

We were supposed to go to Maquinit Hot Springs but we did not have enough time since it was already getting dark and the free boat service of Dive Link was only up to 7:00 p.m. We would have to pay P100 each if we went beyond that time to get us back to the hotel.

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